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Bug#347479: Seems to not handle VG creation correctly

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> On Tuesday 07 February 2006 18:31, you wrote:
> > The attached patch adds some basic checks so we do not "just go ahead"
> Sorry. Attached the wrong patch. This one is better.

Well, even though I'm not fond of new strings so late in the release
process, I guess we can't avoid it (I wouldn't say so if this was a
real final release with a hard string freeze).

I have some changes to suggest to the templates text:

> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/new_vg_name_exists
> +Type: string
> +_Description: Name of the volume group for the new system:
> + The name selected for the volume group is already in use on your system.
> + Please enter a different name.
> +

Fine by me...

> +
> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/pv_on_device
> +Type: error
> +_Description: Selected device already contains a physical volume
> + The device you selected already contains one or more physical volumes. It
> + is not possible to automatically partition the device using LVM.

The long description repeats the short description which is not that
good, imho. We also try to avoid sentences in notes/erros short


_Description: Existing physical volume in the selected device
 LVM cannot automatically partition devices which already contain
 one or more more physical volumes.

> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/vg_exists
> +Type: error
> +_Description: Volume group name already in use
> + The volume group name used to automatically partition using LVM is already
> + in use. It is possible to specify an alternative name by running the
> + installation at medium or low priority.

Fine....even though I'm not fond of referring to another package which
could cause consistency problems in the future if something is changed
regarding priorities.

> +
> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/vg_create_error
> +Type: error
> +_Description: Unexpected error while creating volume group
> + Autopartitioning using LVM failed because an error occurred while creating
> + the volume group.
> + .
> + Check /var/log/syslog or see virtual console 4 for the details.

Fine by me.

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