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Re: beige g3 - "FIRST DISK" question

On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 12:21:50AM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Hi again Adrian,
> Some folks on the lists strongly prefer "bottom posting", so my reply 
> is at the end of this -- after all the context quoting, which has also 
> been rearranged to conform to "bottom posting" standards.

Nice, but i guess the next step is to cur some of the context, to keep only
the important part :)

> There has been a problem with the Sarge install floppies on 
> Debian/powerpc for a while now.  Sven Luther is working on it, so you 
> should check out his postings to the debian-powerpc and debian-boot 
> mailing lists.  He may have found a solution by now.

Yep, there was some change which should have gained us 45K, which given we
were 15K overdue should have been enough, but apparently wasn't. I was too
busy with RL to really follow up on this, sorry. Starting tomorrow, i will be
at the extremadura graphical installer workshop, and will find some time do
look into it. One possibility would be to drop some of the modules in the root
image, can someone have a look of the content of the root image, and try to
pinpoint if something could be removed from it ? There is still 150K place in
both driver images.


Sven Luther

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