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Re: beige g3 - "FIRST DISK" question

Hi again Adrian,

Some folks on the lists strongly prefer "bottom posting", so my reply is at the end of this -- after all the context quoting, which has also been rearranged to conform to "bottom posting" standards.


On Jan 17, 2006, at 10:57 AM, adrian crisan wrote:

On Jan 16, 2006, at 8:56 PM, adrian crisan wrote:

Hi all,

I'm trying to install woody on a beige g3, 266 some 256 mb and a 4 gig
ide hard.
I start the process via floppy, partition the hard, install the base
file, however when is time to make "system
bootable" it gives me this error:


... well I'm lost, I have the 4 gig ide with the following partitions:

/dev/hdd1      Apple_UNIX_SVR2     root     7894463@524353 (3.8G)
/dev/hdd2      Apple_UNIX_SVR2     swap    524288@64  (256.0M)
/dev/hdd3     Apple_partition_map   Apple    63@1 (31.5K)
/dev/hdd4      Apple_Free                Extra    1@524352 (0.5k)

... ok, I'm confused what would be the "first disk"  if not hdd1?

(I installed two years ago woody in a similar machine, and I remember
that the
only time I succeded was when I replaced the IDE hard drive with a
SCSI ... but now I
want to work around and use the just the IDE ... if possible ... and I
want just debian on this machine no mixed use
with appleos).

So, I need help from you guys out there that are much smarter than me;
please give me a hint/guide me
on what to do.

Thanks for help!


From: Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com>
Sent: Jan 17, 2006 12:46 AM
To: adrian crisan <acrisan@earthlink.net>
Cc: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: beige g3 - "FIRST DISK" question

Hi Adrian,

Is there some reason you are using woody?  Sarge has been out for
several months, and lots of folks have had excellent luck with it --
even some of us with Beige G3's.  My own experience has been using
BootX and MacOS-9, so I can't help you with the "quik" bootloader,
which is what you need if you want this machine to be completely "Apple
Free".  But there are others here who can.

I will note that you can squeeze the necessary parts of MacOS into less
than 100 MB, so if disk space is the issue, using BootX and MacOS need
not be a major burden.  Also, you can buy a 40 GB IDE drive for under
$50 these days, so adding disk space shouldn't be a financial problem.
For comparison, Eric Dunbar in a posting to this group calculated that
the electricity to run an old G3 for a year will cost you between
$50-$100, depending on your assumptions about uptime and cost of



hi Rick,
thanks for e-mail.
well the reason why i'm using woody is that i have the floppies for it (=woody) and even i downloaded and burned all sarge cd-s (for ppc) when i tried to run first disk (from sarge) into installer, the process did not recognize the sarge cd ... so not being that smart i gave up (i'm an architect so my iq is "limited") and i grabbed the old cd-s i used two years ago ...i would like to make this machine debian 100% and use it as my web/mail/ftp server for my start-up architectural studio (www.studioa.org) @ home until i'll make some profit and be able to migrate to professional hosting ... in the beginning i'll upload/change lots of stuff on my web site until i'll test it etc. ... so in short i need flexibility to my quick changes ... and a stable machine ... however your math about electricity ($50 - $100/year) scares me since i thought using this beige g3 will be much more efficient than a p3/1000 mhz that runs fedora4 on it ... thanks for hint though,

best, _adrian_

There has been a problem with the Sarge install floppies on Debian/powerpc for a while now. Sven Luther is working on it, so you should check out his postings to the debian-powerpc and debian-boot mailing lists. He may have found a solution by now.

I'm Cc-ing this to those two mailing lists and Sven, so maybe someone will pick it up and get you an answer.

The beige G3 with sarge will make a great mail/ftp/web server. I have two in my basement with approximately your configuration (more RAM and more disk, but otherwise pretty much the same) doing just that right now. I'd recommend using sarge over woody, even if it means dedicating a couple of hundred MB of your disk to MacOS. I sympathize with the desire to be "100% Debian", but at some point practicality has to trump purity.

Have fun!


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