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Partitioning not working


I'm still having difficulties with installing debian, currently having 
difficulties with partitioning the disk.  The problem is present when using 
the daily builds (2.6-kernel + corresponding initrd), but I'd guess the 
problem is within one of the partman udebs, or some mismatch between this and 
the current kernel.

The installer is supposed to wipe the disk and install a single ext3 partition 
(+swap).  The installer successfully wipes the disk, partitions it.  When it 
tries to create the ext3 filesystem, it fails after spending some time 
apparently working.  I believe its failing when trying to create the journal 
through tune2fs, having successfully formatted the partition as ext2.

When the installer fails, it displays the following dialogue box:
  "The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 
of /dev/ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/disc failed."

The file /var/log/syslog contains:

Jan 17 22:19:24 partman: /sbin/tune2fs: No such file or directory while trying 
to open /dev/ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/part1^M
Jan 17 22:19:24 partman: Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.
Jan 17 22:19:24 partman: mke2fs 1.39-WIP (31-Dec-2005)
Jan 17 22:19:24 partman: Could not stat /dev/ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/part1 
--- No such file or directory
Jan 17 22:19:24 partman:
Jan 17 22:19:24 partman: The device apparently does not exist; did you specify 
it correctly?

The devfs has the following structure:


(which doesn't make much sense to me)

Using fdisk, the partition table was correct.  It had a single primary 
partition ("/dev/hda1" in old money), and an extended partition with a single 
logical partition ("/dev/hda5") as swap.  The machine also has a cdrom drive 
(I guess as /dev/hdc).

Is this likely to be a transitory problem or something worth investigating?



PS. I've copied /var/log/{debconf-seed,partman,syslog} to

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