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Re: Looping in stage-1

Sorry for the delay (little free time, ya know).  So, reporting back on 

On Friday 02 Dec 2005 11:31, Paul Millar wrote:
> OK, with latest daily build I get some more errors:
>  1. "No kernel modules were found" dialogue
>  2. user-setup-udeb loops
> > The following mini iso includes a copy of gdb.
> > http://kitenet.net/~joey/tmp/mini.iso
> OK, I'll have a go.

The problem was not present when using the mini.iso image.

I copied the kernel and initrd images from the iso image to the tftp server, 
using PXELinux to boot.  It continued to worked.  

I then started to replace elements I'd taken from the debugging mini.iso with 
corresponding parts from the "live" (daily builds, 2.6-kernel) -- the kernel, 
adding the extra preseeding components inside the initrd image, replacing the 
initrd image with the daily initrd image, etc.  It continued to work.

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