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Re: Translation errors in tzsetup

On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 12:35:43AM +0900, Sunjae Park wrote:
> Sorry, should have found out it myself, but....could you fill me in on
> what is needed for ko-utf8?

Sure. You have:

E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/AQ choices-ko.utf-8
E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/AU choices-ko.utf-8
E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/BR choices-ko.utf-8
E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/CA choices-ko.utf-8
E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/RU choices-ko.utf-8
E: tzsetup-udeb udeb: mismatch-translated-choices tzsetup/country/US choices-ko.utf-8

tzsetup/country/AQ is:

msgid ""
"Antarctica/McMurdo, Antarctica/South_Pole, Antarctica/Rothera, Antarctica/"
"Palmer, Antarctica/Mawson, Antarctica/Davis, Antarctica/Casey, Antarctica/"
"Vostok, Antarctica/DumontDUrville, Antarctica/Syowa"
msgstr ""
"남극대륙/맥머도, 남극대륙/남극, 남극대륙/로데라, 남극대륙/파머,남극대륙/모"
"슨, 남극대륙/데이비스, 남극대륙/케이시, 남극대륙/보스토크,남극대륙/뒤몽 뒤르"
"빌, 남극대륙/쇼와"

You need to make sure all of the commas here have spaces after them, so
it should look like this instead:

msgstr ""
"남극대륙/맥머도, 남극대륙/남극, 남극대륙/로데라, 남극대륙/파머, 남극대륙/모"
"슨, 남극대륙/데이비스, 남극대륙/케이시, 남극대륙/보스토크, 남극대륙/뒤몽 뒤르"
"빌, 남극대륙/쇼와"

The same goes for tzsetup/country/AU, tzsetup/country/CA,
tzsetup/country/RU, and tzsetup/country/US. I'm happy to correct these
errors in the master file for you if you want.

tzsetup/country/BR is:

msgid ""
"America/Noronha, America/Belem, America/Fortaleza, America/Recife, America/"
"Araguaina, America/Maceio, America/Bahia, America/Sao_Paulo, America/"
"Campo_Grande, America/Cuiaba, America/Porto_Velho, America/Boa_Vista, "
"America/Manaus, America/Eirunepe, America/Rio_Branco"
msgstr ""
"아메리카대륙/누로냐, 아메리카대륙/벨렘, 아메리카대륙/포르탈레자, 아메리카대"
"륙/레시페, 아메리카대륙/아라구에이나, 아메리카대륙/마세이오, 아메리카대륙/바"
"이아, 아메리카대륙/상파울로, 아메리카대륙/깜뽀그란데, 아메리카대륙/쿠이아바아"
"메리카대륙/뽀르또벨료, 아메리카대륙/보아비스타, 아메리카대륙/마나우스,아메리"
"카대륙/아이루네페, 아메리카대륙/리오브랑코"

As well as making sure all of the commas have spaces after them (look
near the end of the fourth line of the msgstr), you have only 14
translated comma-separated pieces compared with the 15 pieces in the
original text.

Also, I noticed that all of your timezone translations have / characters
in them; it looks like you missed the comments above each msgid telling
you to translate the English text rather than the raw timezone name. For

#. Type: select
#. Choices
#. Timezones for US.
#. TRANSLATORS PLEASE NOTE: The msgid below looks strange because it is
#. a list of filenames (in /usr/share/zoneinfo). Do not translate the filenames.
#. Instead translate the English text which is displayed to the user instead
#. of these filenames. Also, many place names will not need translation
#. from the English text, but some parts may be translatable.
#. The English text to translate for this list of timezones is:
#. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, East Indiana, Samoa
#: ../common.templates:343
msgid ""
"US/Eastern, US/Central, US/Mountain, US/Pacific, US/Alaska, US/Hawaii, US/"
"Arizona, US/East-Indiana, US/Samoa"
msgstr ""
"미국/동부, 미국/중부, 미국/산악, 미국/태평양, 미국/대서양, 미국/하와이,미국/"
"애리조나, 미국/동인디애나, 미국/사모아"

As the comment says, instead of translating "US/Pacific", you should be
translating "Pacific", and so on.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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