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Bug#348435: d-i: Could not stat /dev/ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/part1

00:24 < stappers> in d-i  how to create /dev/ide/host-1/bus1/target/lun0/part1
00:24 < stappers> when /sbin/MAKEDEV is missing
00:24 < Kamion> if you're using devfs, fix the kernel; if you're using udev,
                fix either the kernel or udev depending on where the event is
                getting lost
00:25 < Kamion> in the latter case you can also manually mknod it as a
                temporary workaround
00:26 < Kamion> (assuming you care to figure out what the major/minor numbers
                are supposed to be)
00:27 < stappers> yes, it are the major/minor number I'm looking for
00:28 < Kamion> and I think that should be host1 not host-1 surely
00:29 < Kamion> is that device a CD (per your installation report)? If so it
                may not have partitions, and creating devices for them doesn't
                make sense
00:33 < stappers> mmm, a CD.


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