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Bug#249755: doesn't detect ext2 revision 0 file system

* Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> [2006-01-15 09:09]:
> 3. Change partman-ext2r0/valid_filesystems/ext2r0 to expect ext2
>    instead of ext2r0 in $id/detected_filesystem:
> 	    [ -f $id/detected_filesystem -a -f $id/detected_ext2r0 ] \
> 	    && [ "$(cat $id/detected_filesystem)" = ext2 ]
> 	then
> 	    echo ext2r0

Won't this mean that ext2 is always identified as ext2r0, even if it's
revision 1.  Maybe a tune2fs call should be added it.

In any case, I cannot really evaluate the merits and downsides of
these three different proposals.  Can you please apply the one you
think is best to SVN and I'll test it.
Martin Michlmayr

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