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Re: Bug#347918: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Buttons translations are not loaded unless g-i stops to display a note or any other dialog

Christian Perrier wrote:
The key is that g-i buttons aren't translated until g-i stops...

This becomes obvious in a fully automated install where buttons remain
untranslated all along 1st stage....

Moreover, the Back and Forward buttons are not greyed out in such case,
while the Screenshot button is....

Colin's solution to this seems to be hiding the Back/Forward buttons
in progress bars. However, what will happen with the Screenshot
button. I guess it will still be here, greyed.....and untranslated.

This mostly becomes a cosmetic issue but hiding the button as well
would seem worth it in that case.

I made the back and forward buttons get localized as soon as frontend_initialize() is called: if a progressbar function is called before frontend_go() buttons get localized too. Now there is no longer need to show/hide back and forward buttons when the progressbar runs.



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