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[powerpc-floppies] Help Needed : root.img too big (1489688, should be 1474560).

Hi, ...

I am requesting, on behalf of the powerpc oldworld floppies users, some help
to solve the problem of too big root.img. 

The file is 1489688 bytes, while the floppy size is 1474560, so it is 15128
bytes to huge. I had a quick look at the floppy pkg-lists, but i couldn't see
anything obvious to move around to another floppy, maybe the the socket
modules could move to the net-drivers floppy or something, but that is about
it, and i think socket-modules is empty right now anyway.

So, it would be very nice if someone with knowledge of the floppies would take
a look and see where we can gain those 15128 bytes, maybe removing one of the
console maps (we have usb and at, but oldworld only have adb keymaps, not sure
what it maps to though), and also add the bit of code Frans mentioned the x86
floppies already have for failing if the image size is bigger than a floppy. I
searched for it in config/i386, but failed to find anything that did something
like this.


Sven Luther

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