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Re: Bug#345603: Install report: failed to detect ethernet card (Marvell Yukon)

> If it can't be included in Debian, could it be made available as a 
> separate, clearly marked nonfree download? I noticed that the installer 
> lets you select driver modules if it can't find one automatically, and the 
> last option is 'none of these' which lets you insert a driver floppy. Can 
> the Marvell driver be packaged as such a floppy and offered for download 
> separately somehow?

If someone cares to do it, yes...:-)

I'm not deeply involved in this part of the business for Debian
Installer so I can't really tell you how hard it is to compile a
driver that could be loaded by the installer kernel.

As we now use the estandard Debian kernels (IIRC), it's just a matter
of compiling a package for this driver on a standard Debian
system. However, the person doing so will later need to recompile this
driver (and all other such provided drivers) for every kernel release.

Up to now, noone popped up and proposed to do that work...which, by
definition, would be slightly 'outside" the official work on Debian
Installer as it deals with non DFSG-free software.

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