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Bug#345603: Install report: failed to detect ethernet card (Marvell Yukon)

From: Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>
Subject: Re: Bug#345603: Install report: failed to detect ethernet card (Marvell Yukon)
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 10:06:49 +0100
> Installer could not detect my ethernet card, a "Marvell Yukon 88E8053
> PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller" card. There are Linux drivers
> available for this card, found at
> http://www.marvell.com/drivers/driverDisplay.do?dId=107&pId=10.

The driver you link to here has a non-free licence and thus can never be
included in Debian. If there is a free alternative driver that will work
with this card, than please let us know.

There's this driver from syskonnect that claims to support the Marvell card also, but I couldn't find a license. I suppose it's too much to hope that it just happens to be GPL-compatible, but here it is for your review anyway. I'm not perfectly sure this one will work with the card, either, actually.

If it can't be included in Debian, could it be made available as a separate, clearly marked nonfree download? I noticed that the installer lets you select driver modules if it can't find one automatically, and the last option is 'none of these' which lets you insert a driver floppy. Can the Marvell driver be packaged as such a floppy and offered for download separately somehow?

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