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Bug#343674: [arm] Installation report - etch beta1 on netwinder

Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Do I understand correctly that text frontend is only useful when the 
> serial console is too slow to redraw the pseudographics for every screen 
> with default frontend? Netwinder's serial console is 115200 baud, so this 
> redrawing is actually very fast. I'd say that limits the usefullness of 
> the text frontend significantly.

The text frontend is useful for automation, etc too, but the only real
reason it's been included on the netboot images is that for most arches
there is no particular space constraint there.

> >- isa-pnp-modules -- does netwinder actually use this for any ethernet
> >  cards?
> >- nic-extra-modules -- if we check the included modules and make sure
> >  that nic-modules has any nic drivers we would expect a netwinder to
> >  need
> Netwinder has two built-in ethernet ports:
> Ethernet controller: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21142/43 (rev 
> 41)
> Ethernet controller: Winbond Electronics Corp W89C940F
> First one needs the tulip driver, second is ne2k compatible, so it uses 
> ne2k-pci. Both are on the PCI bus. As it does not have any expansion 
> slots, those are the only two NIC drivers it will ever need, everything 
> else can go.

Both are in the netwinder nic-modules udeb. Along with some other stuff,
which I wonder why it's present. I've removed the nic-extra-modules
which had probably a megabyte or more of stuff, from the netwinder
initrd list, and also removed isa-pnp-modules from there. I think we
could save more space if we needed to by reducing the nic-modules to
just the two modules you listed.

> >- usb-modules -- does a netwinder need this for USB keyboard?
> There are no USB interfaces, so I think that everything USB-related can go 
> without harm.

Ok, removed that too.

Please try with the next daily build of the d-i arm images and see if
the changes I have made make the image small enough to boot. Or if the
builds continue to be down like they have been since Nov 22nd, I can build
an image on one of my arms for you to try.

see shy jo

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