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Re: Glitches with install from daily build

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 02:13, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I chose yes to UTC, althought there is a windows install and it may
> have defaulted to No.

Then that was the mistake: you chose an option that did not correspond to 
reality. The displayed time being wrong because of that is not an 
installer problem.
As the system clock was never modified, the problem can be fixed easily by 
correcting the setting in /etc/default/rcS.
The other option is to change your internal clock to UTC.

> Interpretation 1: the default behavior is fine; I just ran into
> trouble trying to do something non-standard.

Not really. You just created a mismatch between the system clock and the 
way it is interpreted by the OS.

> Interpretation 2: Maybe the time zone installer (sorry, not sure of
> the package; I assume this is the standard debconf stuff for the
> package) should ask an additional question: "you system clock current
> shows hh:mm.  Is that local time or UTC?".

It used to do that when this functionality was in base-config (after the 
reboot). However, that was potentially confusing too: what if the clock 
is completely wrong (i.e. neither local time nor UTC)?

The way it is currently done we effectively ask the user: what do you want 
your system clock to be set too? If you later find out the time is wrong, 
just correct it using the date command...


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