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Bug#343497: localechooser: move installation of language specific packages to prebaseconfig?

Package: localechooser
Version: 0.24
Severity: minor

Currently for some languages the installation of packages needed to 
support that language after the reboot are scheduled for installation in 
the main localechooser script.

IMO it would be better to move these to the prebaseconfig script so they 
will not be scheduled for installation if the user later goes back, runs 
localechooser again and selects a different language that does not need 
the extra packages.
(This would also improve maintainability of the localechooser script by 
limiting it to its core functions.)

Probably all "pkginstall" calls could be moved to the prebaseconfig 

Note that the way localization-config is installed/run should probably be 
changed anyway when that is moved to 1st stage.

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