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Re: apt-setup and "status of the base-config removal"

Christian Perrier wrote:
> > - apt-setup has a few corner cases that it does not support that were
> >   supported by the old system. These include:
> >   - http proxy asking for installs from only CD w/o choose-mirror (for
> >     security sources)
> If setting priorities makes sense, I would vote for solving that
> issue. The above is a quite common case for corporate installs where
> one CD (netinst) is used for  the initial system install and then an
> external mirror is used for the rest of the system.

This issue only affects installs from full CD or DVD and really only
matters in cases where a network requires that a (non-transparent!)
proxy server be used for all http access.

It's also easy to fix, it just needs to ask the mirror/http/proxy
question. The only tricky part is that choose-mirror will not be
available to ask it. Simply copyig the template to another udeb would
do, athough it's not a very elegant solution.

see shy jo

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