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Bug#341880: Users should be allowed to take screenshot of the g-i

Package: cdebconf-gtk-udeb
Severity: wishlist

DirectFrameBuffer allows to take screenshots of the current screen by simply pressing the "Stamp" key if the option
"screenshot-dir=<path to where screenshots are stored>"
has been setup properly into the runtime configuration file "/etc/directfbrc". We may then include a DFB runtime configuration file into the gtk-rootskel package that tells DFB to store screenshots into that dir where the http server included into d-i that server installation log file looks for input. We could then allow users to easily take screenshots that could be attached to d-i bugreports: this would be very useful especially when bugreports are about bad/ugly non latin fonts.
See also
and follow-ups for further details

Attilio Fiandrotti

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