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Re: Graphical installer - invitation to get involved

These are my notes/ideas after having done a test installation using the
graphical d-i beta. (Under a VMware install using ftp.us.debian.org as
the mirror)

I'm not subscribed to the list so please cc me on anything you'd like my
comment on. I'm happy to test any betas etc to see how things may have

As it stands it seems to only be a graphical frontend to debconf, given
some of the decisions taken this causes it to be less usable then the
console version.

Graphical D-I boot notes:

1. Can you use ubuntu's bootsplash or something to hide/pretty up kernel

2. Country choice, maybe a map with highlights would be nice. (Something
along the lines of anaconda)

3. It seems that you cannot use keyboard shortcuts in lists (eg mirror
list), this forces use of the mouse.

4. Would be nice to have a download speed monitor at the bottom of the
screen for those with slow connections, also a calculated ETA.

5. A graphical partitioner is probably the biggest missing peice, I
didn't really test how the partitioner came through, just did a "wipe
entire disk" and it was still a pain.

6. Pages with just one checkbox (eg the "write changes to disk" page
should probably have just "Yes/No" buttons instead of the checkbox and
go back/continue buttons (also install grub to mbr)

7. No obvious way to cancel out of creating a new user account (I know
that the "go back" button is probably the cancel button from the console
installer, but would still be nice to have it there). For people who run
LDAP/NIS/etc creating an additional local user account is not just a
waste of time in installation, it may need to be manually removed after

8. The installer should give warnings about insecure root/user passwords

9. Would be nice if the main download ran as:

-------START EXAMPLE --------

1. Downloading Packages (gray)
2. Verifying Packages (gray)
3. Installing Packages (black & bold)
4. Downloading Kernel (black)
5. Installing Kernel (black)

-------END EXAMPLE ----------
It would give a better view of how far along things are.
(This also applies to the finish installation page)

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