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[g-i] Uploaded ttf-arabeyes with a udeb for the ae_Tholoth.ttf font for graphical D-I needs

I have just uploaded in the archive a new version (1.1-2) of the
ttf-arabeyes package, initially maintained by Mohammed Elzubeir.

This new package has been prepared by Mohammed Adnène Trojette who
converted it to cdbs and cleaned out the build process.

M. Adnène Trojette tried to get in touch with M. Elzubeir but wasn't
successful until now. M. Elzubeir, please come back to us if you want
to keep the maintenance of this package.

It also adds, on my request, a udeb named ttf-arabeyes-udeb, providing
the ae_Tholoth font, for the needs of the graphical version of the
Debian Installer.

This should be a good start for the udebisation of the few font
packages which provide the fonts we use in graphical D-I.


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