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Bug#340919: hw-detect: /etc/network/devnames.gz accessed as regular file

Package: hw-detect
Version: 1.27
Severity: important

The file /etc/network/devnames.gz is created at build time as a gzipped
file. However, at runtime, the file is accessed in several places as if
it is a regular (uncompressed file).

In script ethdetect.sh there is one function where the gzipped file is
handled correctly, but in other places the uncompressed file is assumed.

$ wcgrep "network/devnames"
./ethdetect.sh:91:              if grep "^$iface:" /etc/network/devnames | grep -q -i firewire; then
./ethdetect.sh:179:                     echo "${ndev}:${modinfo}" >> /etc/network/devnames

./hw-detect.sh:108:                             echo "${dev}:${cardname}" >> /etc/network/devnames
./hw-detect.sh:696:                             echo "$dev:$devname" >> /etc/network/devnames

./sysfs-update-devnames.sh:2:# Make sure that /etc/network/devnames is up to date, using sysfs. In
./sysfs-update-devnames.sh:10:  if grep "^$dev:" /etc/network/devnames >/dev/null 2>&1; then
./sysfs-update-devnames.sh:25:          echo "$dev:$vendorname $devicename" >> /etc/network/devnames

$ wcgrep DEVNAMES
./ethdetect.sh:72:              zcat $DEVNAMES > $TEMP_EXTRACT
./ethdetect.sh:76:              modinfo=$(zcat $DEVNAMES | grep "^${module}:" | head -n 1 |cut -d':' -f2-)

(TEMP_EXTRACT is set to /tmp/devnames-static.txt)

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