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Re: Testing a new udeb: best method?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'm still fighting with a problem I actually can't solve and I don't
> really know why.
> I sbegan working on user-setup, a udeb package which supposedly will
> replace the very temporary initial-passwd-udeb package we released
> along with shadow.
> See debian-installer-people/bubulle/user-setup
> I built it and would like to test it before uploading
> I first attempted to add it to a custom netboot mini ISO image. The
> new entry appears in menus (intended to show up after base-installer)
> but when I reach it, the program fails because the templates it uses
> seem unknown by cdebconf (all db_get/db_set operations fails with
> errorlevel 10).
> These templates are named passwd/whatever to match the former
> templates we had in shadow for these matters.
> Am I using the best method for these testings and in fact, why do my
> tests fail?
> Anyone having an idea?

Your test methods work perfectly: They have discovered a bug in your
udeb, namely that it is built w/o a templates file in the control

Renaming user-setup.templates to user-setup-udeb.templates should fix

see shy jo

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