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Re: [D-I] Supporting 2.6.14 kernels in base-installer

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 03:17:24PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > Also, we have perl-base in base, or used to at least, would yaird not be able
> > to depend on perl-base only ?
> yaird uses at lest the following perl modules which are not currently
> present in perl-base but are in perl:

Thanks for comenting on this.

> ./Image.pm:use File::Copy;
> ./Pack.pm:use File::Temp;
> On the one hand, perl-base exists to provide the perl modules needed by
> packages in the Debian base system, so if a package like debconf or so
> needs a specific module, it can be moved from perl to that package. If
> yaird becomes part of the base system, or close enough to be needed to
> fit on Debian netinst CDs (which is pretty much the same thing), then
> adding the modules it needs to perl-base should not be a problem. perl's
> maintainer is very helpful about these things in my experience.
> On the other hand, the use of File::Copy is trivially replaced by a
> system() call. I'd be careful replacing the File::Temp usages with
> something else though.
> It also uses HTML::Template and Parse::Recdescent that are in separate
> packages. From what I can see of the config files, using
> Parse::Recdescent to parse them is overkill; it should be possible to
> write a parser by hand pretty easily. The use of HtmlTemplate is quite
> strange.

I think the best would be for Erik to comment on this, CCing this to him now.


Sven Luther

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