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Bug#337522: anna: goes into ghost lowmem mode 7

Package: anna
Version: 1.16
Severity: important

During an installation on sparc64 with a 2.4 kernel, anna goes into lowmem 
mode for no apparent reason. There is no /var/lib/lowmem and the level 
displayed (7) does not exist.

From the syslog:
anna[1330]: DEBUG: lowmem: 7, debconf status: true

I've not seen this problem on earlier installations using the 2.4 kernel 
on sparc64 nor on any other installations. The problem using the 
candidate images for etch beta1 is 100% reproducible using both netinst 
and netboot images.

This problem results in anna's lowmem module selection dialog to be shown 
and udebs (some partman, disk driver modules) not being loaded by default 
when they should be.

The system of course has plenty of memory (1GB).

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