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Graphical installer: Great, but...

...despite the very promising state of the graphical d-i, I
have some (very) minor points:

0. The tinge of red of the background on the upper right side
   itches with the different shade of red of the Debian swirl.
   Maybe use the same red or some totally different colour?

1. In the "Choose a language" list, a GtkTreeViewColumn
   would look better than the current strangely aligned text,
   but I think this issue has been discussed already.

2. The two shades of blue for the currently selected entry
   are not "different enough" (light blue = widget selected,
   medium blue = not).  Maybe it would be better to use
   light grey for non-selected widgets.

3. After selecting "English" as language, I like to "Choose
   a country, territory or area", e.g. "Germany".  Unfortunately,
   I was not able to do this without a mouse.  The selection
   is on "|> Europe", but I don't know which key I have to
   press to get the list of European countries.  I expect, that
   the goal is the possibility of a 100% rodent-free install.

4. It would be very nice to have some indication of how many
   steps of the total number are done, e.g. "Step 3 of 20".
   Compare with the graphical installers of Mandr* and SuSE.

So, only one point is really important: My inability to do a
rodent-free install.  Everything else looks OK to me.

Cheers, WB

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