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beta status

Here's the beta release status after a month or so of trying to
stabilise and fix things:

- Unstable is an uninstallable mess, with d-i broken by the new passwd
  component, and the new kernels and initrd generators also having
  problems. So we can only test d-i changes with a) difficulty or b)
  once they reach testing.

- debian-installer FTBFS on alpha, but apparently only on the buildd.
  We need this build if alpha will be in the beta.
  The other builds of 20051026 should be final for the beta, but still
  need to be installed and tested out.

- amd64 CDs seem to be significantly broken, we've been getting many
  failure reports all week. (#336353, #335556, #335653, #336173, #336451)
  Unless this is resolved and we see some successful amd64 installs, it
  won't be in the beta.
- Thanks to fjp, base-installer 1.35.4 should get d-i working again with 
  secure apt and CDs, but we're currently mssing uploads of successful
  builds for 3 architectures. This is the last udeb we plan to put into
  testing for the beta, once it's built everywhere. Also, once this udeb
  does reach testing, it should be possible to do some etch_d-i CD
  installs and test things out.

see shy jo

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