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Re: Today's i386 netinst (20051006): still secure apt failure

On Thursday 27 October 2005 18:36, Joey Hess wrote:
> At this point I think it would be best to make the beta release without
> CD installation support (except for mini isos). If people decide
> installation from CD is important perhaps we'll get a little help and
> not be left carrying the weight of dealing with people's inconsiderate
> changes to the base system.


I've talked to mvo on #d-devel. He was not too happy about adding yet 
another option, but very cooperative to help find a solution.
I'll post the log of that chat later.

There was a question if we could not use a cdrom: source line at that 
point. I've tested running 'apt-cdrom -m add' and that works fine.
I'm currently patching and testing base-installer to do that and hope to 
upload in time for dinstall.

The current daily has no other issues for a default i386 netinst.

Joey: if you disagree with this patch/upload, please let me know.


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