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Re: Usability issues for the graphical frontend

On Friday 21 October 2005 08:49, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> I suppose because of limited number of characters displayed on screen
> by the NEWT FE it was actually impossible diplaying more than a
> percentage inside the progressbar.

That still does make it a good idea to put the title below the progress 

> GTK >=2.6 offers gtk_progress_bar_set_ellipsize() function that could
> be useful to solve the long lines problem: i would suggest to wait for
> the switch to GTK v 2.8 to decide what to do on this

That's fine. Although I am still not happy with the way the text jumps 
around because it is centered. That makes it virtually impossible to read 
it properly, especially during base-installation.

> >> >If you switch to VT2 (shell console) while the frontend is running,
> >> > the frontend will "hijack" VT2 making the installer completely
> >> > unusable.
> this is strange: on the desktop pc i use for testing the miniiso images
> the crash does not happens, maybe a DFB bug?

Note that this only happens if you switch when the frontend is busy!
There is no problem if the frontend is waiting for input.
Try switching while the frontend is busy loading additional components or 
during DHCP configuration (when a progress bar is running).

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