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Re: Usability issues for the graphical frontend

On Thursday 20 October 2005 22:15, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> > - title for progress bar should be above the progress bar, not below
> this is exactly the case of the NEWT interface, but HIG 2.0 tell the
> opposite:  more widely we should choose if to try to imitate the newt
> frontend in everything or follow HIG suggestions to build the GTK FE.

Not true. The text you display _inside_ the progress bar is below it in 
the newt frontend, but the title is above it.
The newt frontend has a percentage inside the progress bar.

It would even be preferable to do it the same way in the GTK frontend as 
the fact that the text is centered in the progress bar makes it jump 
around and thus harder to read. It would also make it possible to wrap 
longer texts to the next line.

> boths bugs are related to GTKDFB 2.0.9: the needed code is already
> inside the frontend and works correctly with GTKX (any version) and
> GTKDFB 2.8.3.

Ah, cool.

> > - ideally the title of a long list should be fixed at the top and not
> >   scroll away; hmmm, this is probably because the question area does
> >   not contain a single question, but all questions...
> already solved in my last updates (not yet in SVN), while the GTK
> frontend can still handler multiple questions togheter


>  >If you switch to VT2 (shell console) while the frontend is running,
>  > the frontend will "hijack" VT2 making the installer completely
>  > unusable.
> but if you press ctrl+alt+f5 (or f6?) you can go back to the FE..

No, that screen remains black and the FE is restarted in VT2 as soon as 
you try to type something there.

> and i would also like to add
> -during language selection native language names should be aligned
> vertically
> -in the partman's main question partitions should be displayed as
> childs to disks drives

Sure, but these were already known issues, so I did not include them.

> -the partman's main question has a too long description: this should be
> made shorter and text in excess moved to the extended description
> field, that now is empty

If you mean changed in the partman source then we can only do that if it 
is still displayed correctly in the newt frontend.

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