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Usability issues for the graphical frontend

Here is a list of things that have been bugging me while testing the build 
system for the graphical frontend.

It is just an unsorted list, not all issues are as important and some 
issues may be upstream rather than caused by the frontend itself.
It would be nice to get some comments on these so we can decide what we 
can fix ourselves and what proper bug reports need to be filed where.


I would really like to see the progress bar in a separate window
(should be always on top and window below disabled).
Having it permanently visible makes no sense to me. This may be
difficult as components do not always use the progress bar properly
(e.g. leaving it open when another dialog is shown), but that could
be fixed.

Order of the elements on screen
- text area should be above question area as the text area is mostly
  an introduction to the question
- title for progress bar should be above the progress bar, not below

- text area should be skipped when using tab
- continue button should be before go back button (in tab order, not
  on screen)

Issues with questions
- when a new screen is shown, the first question should be active
- when you "tab" into a list question, the default is always set to
  the top of the list instead of the current default value; the
  current default should be respected and the frontend should make
  sure it is shown by scrolling the list if needed
  (example: select English as language and when  
- lists do not scroll automatically if cursor keys are used to select
  an item (try PgDn in language list)
- the continue button should be default and activated on enter for
  most types of dialogs
- it'd be nice if you could "select and continue" with double click
- it'd be nice if you could select in lists by typing the first letter
  (as in newt frontend)
- ideally the title of a long list should be fixed at the top and not
  scroll away; hmmm, this is probably because the question area does
  not contain a single question, but all questions...

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