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Bug#334696: installation-reports: [WiFi fail] All 2.6 kernels/NetISOs fail to find/configure WiFi Lucent GOLD card

Jari Aalto wrote:
> I've used the NetINstall ISOs and noticed that after the change to
> kernel 2.6.x all the ISOs have been unable to
> - automatically find
> - or configure
> The standard WiFi card Lucent GOLD. The manual setup does not work
> either; the list is presented and I pick the correct card, but the
> installed still announces failure.
> With previous version of the NetInstall ISOs (2.4 line) the card
> is detected and configured automatically.
> The installation cannot be proceeded without working network
> connection.

This problem is a known issue documented with a workaround at

see shy jo

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