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Re: preseed question

> I am trying to prepare a customized installer
> for genealogy applications. One of the applications
> I would like to install is geneweb.
> Geneweb wants to keep shared data under
> group geneweb and recommends all interested
> users to become members of this group. This
> makes sense, but I can't seem to find a way
> to add users to this group by default.

geneweb maintainer and D-I team member speaking..:-)

I think you should probably use the base-config/late_command for this.

Then have it install geneweb (which you can preseed, of course), create
your users...and add them to the geneweb group.

> Is it possible to add the default user account
> created during installation to the geneweb group?

"adduser foo geneweb"

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