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4 mock-ups for graphical d-i for inspiration

I have made a few mockups showing ideas for debian
installer. As you'll probably notice, it takes a lot
of inspiration from the current text interface.


1 - I took out the menu. Like the text interface, it
can be reached through the back button.

2 - No side pane help. Many other distro installers,
like Fedora Core's, have a sidepane on the left for
help, with a button to hide it if the user wants to. I
don't think that a user will ever want to hide help if
it is there on your face. The oposite, clicking on a
button to show help, is a different question, but it
is my opinion that the current Wizard-like stylo of
d-i is something good.

3 - Added an info "i" icon, as well as put the intro
in a blue background. This is mostly to better
diferenciate the proper question/prompt, from its
explanation. And to avoid the side-pane discussed
above.so people used to installing Debian caso the
help text is more like an explanation of the current

4 - Resizable window. Perhaps this can be hard to do
tecnologically, but again, my inspiration was the text
interface, and I think it looks better than some pages
of d-i having mostly empty space.

5 - The only flaw in these mockups are that they don't
show the debian logo, but I could find a way to place
them while maintaing this "resizable" window theme.
Perhaps instead of having debian's logo in every
screen, only show it in a initial "welcoming" screen.
These can be anoying, though...

Anyway, I'm posting them here as (hopefully)
inspiration for those who are developing the UI.

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