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Bug#334589: netcfg: prompts for network interface, even at critical priority

Paul Telford wrote:
> I did an install using the latest (downloaded today) "testing"
> business-card installer image on and x86_64 machine.  The machine has
> two NICs, and the install stopped and prompted me to choose one, even
> though I had set debconf/priority=critical.  I believe this is a change
> in behaviour, as I don't remember seeing this question before on
> multi-NIC machines. (?)  At most I think this question should be "high"
> priority, maybe even "normal".  eth0 seems like a reasonable default.

It only prompts in the case where you have two interfaces and link
detection does not find a link on only one of them. There is not good
default in that situation.

This behavior has not changed in months.

see shy jo

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