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Re: Graphical frontend: some screenshots

Frans Pop wrote:
On Thursday 13 October 2005 09:12, Viti Davide wrote:

-We should find a way to align the localised names of
languages. Probably tricky because we use a variable width font.

Don't know much about gtk programming, but I suppose it's possible to
have a gadget for creating two-column (invisible) table;
code should use the 2nd column for displaying the localised names of

This problem is also very relevant for Partman, which uses columns both in displaying the partition table and in other dialogs.

In the case of the language-chooser the vertical translated name alignement can be obtained by using a two-columns GTKTreeView List, anyway i suppose an hack is needed to both split the string in two and then to return a correct return value. Since the most the gtk frontend gets closer to be really usable the most i would like not to make gtk.c please confirm me the new two-columns handler is really needed.



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