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Re: Preguntas

octavio.mercado@att.net.mx wrote:
> Tengo un porblema, deseo instalar Debian 3.0 en un servidor alpha 2100,
> mo logro bootear desde el CD, q debo de hacer para esto suceda, gracias
Hi Octavio Mercado

This list is purely in english!

With my limited knowledge of your language I get the following:
You have problems with installing Debian 3.0 (= woody) on an alpha 2100 server.

Sorry, but this list doesn't support Debian 3.0 anymore.
Please get the new stable release Debian 3.1r0 (= sarge).
Also you should read the installation manual [1] before trying to install.
You should see this in your language, if you've set up your browser correctly.

[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/alpha/


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