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Can/Should the installer check IPv6 compatibility?

Hi there

I don't know if the problem is the ISP's nameserver or the modem/router, but I
and many people I give a debian or an ubuntu CD have the problem that the 2.6
kernel's IPv6 enabled networking is too slow to be usable (maybe 30 seconds to
resolve the names).
For me this is only annoying and not a big issue because I know how to change
the right config file, for all the others it is "My Internet didn't work right,
I'll use the old Windows System again".
Could the installer somehow detect the system environment's ability to deal with
IPv6 and disable it in case of problems? Maybe check if domain name resolution
takes significantly longer with IPv6 than IPv4? Just a suggestion.

Also I am amazed that there isn't much talk about this, since it happens to me
all the time on systems i want to set up for me or friends and co-workers.


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