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Re: GTK frontend, new fonts tarball available

On Wednesday 12 October 2005 12:07, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> after yesterday davide solved the hebrew fonts problem i've updated the
> corresponding tarball removing unneded type1 fonts and adding
> ttf-freefont (this way the tarball is now 13 Megs big instead of 17
> Megs). Updated tarball can be found at
> https://debian.polito.it/downloads/miniisofiles/d-i_gtk_fonts.tgz
> (frans, could you update the tarball on
> /d-i.alioth.debian.org/gtk-frontend/ ?)

Thanks very much for your work. Your summary of fonts has helped very 
much. However, I've gone a somewhat other direction that I feel will make 
it easier to replace bits as they become available.

- Use the ttf-freefont udeb and define FreeFont as the default font for
  gtk. This is very necessary as otherwise fontconfig may select e.g.
  the Kochi Gothic font as default for Cyrillic languages (which is
  extremely ugly).
- Uploaded _selected_ fonts from different ttf-* packages as separate
  tarballs. This is not yet complete; I will add some more fonts tomorrow.
  I will post a summary of fonts used when it's complete.
  Expect changes in available ttf-* tarballs.
- Run fc-cache when the installer is being loaded. This means that an
  automatic scan is made of available fonts and fonts.cache-1 files are
  generated automatically.

So the big fonts tarball is history and IMO we don't need any type1 fonts 
at all as all basic characters are well covered by FreeFont now.

So updates are:
- tarballs
- rootskel-gtk udeb
- build configuration in my branch

- add some more fonts
- use udeb for frontend
- add rootskel-gtk udeb in trunk and upload as official package
- get dev packages for gtk+directfb for proper frontend building
- get help and feedback to tune fonts
  (maybe fonts could be stripped down to only characters we need?)
- file bugs (and patches) to get additional font udebs
- improve the frontend


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