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GTK frontend, new fonts tarball available


after yesterday davide solved the hebrew fonts problem i've updated the corresponding tarball removing unneded type1 fonts and adding ttf-freefont (this way the tarball is now 13 Megs big instead of 17 Megs). Updated tarball can be found at https://debian.polito.it/downloads/miniisofiles/d-i_gtk_fonts.tgz (frans, could you update the tarball on /d-i.alioth.debian.org/gtk-frontend/ ?)

At the moment the following fonts are included inside the tarball

-Luxi Sans-medium-r-normal (150 Kb) this is a nice and small fonts that is used for almost any Latin text representation.

-ttf-freefonts (2,3 Mb) covers various languages
-ttf-kochi-gothic (7,5 Mb) for japanese
-ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp (12 Mb) for chinese
-Baekmuk fonts (from which package?) (3 Mb) for koran
-ttf-devanagari-fonts (250 Kb) for Indic
-ttf-farsiweb (250 Kb) for Persian
-ttf-punjabi-fonts (200 Kb) for Punjabi

At first glance it seems those fonts are enough to display text in every language supported by the d-i, but a precise review from native speakers is needed to let us know if something (particualr glyphs etc.) is missing (maybe christian perrier can help on this? ). Once we've determinated the minimum fontset to display correctly all d-i languages we should ask the packages mantainers to create udebs for us (i suppose the project of creating an unique enourmous fonts using best glyphs from various fonts is abandoned, right?).



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