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Error in driver forcedeth (NVIDIA Corporporation CK8S Ethernet Controller)

Hallo dear list,
I have a Gigabyte mainboard GA-K8NS with an AMD 64 Athlon 3000 .
I have trouble with the onboard LAN nVIDIA nForce 3 250 --to lan-->ICS 1883.
With Sarge the Network coudn´ t find the forcedeth driver. When i selected it manually and give him the parameters
(found by Windows XP  ir=21 and i/o=0xB800 the DHCP coudn´t configure the network
I´ve tried it also with the CD-DEBIAN GNU/LINUX testing"Etch official snapshot i386 Binary-1 (20051012).
The testing found the right driver forcedeth, but coudn´t configure the network with DHCP.
Is there an error in the driver forcedeth?
Please help me an answer me to my mail, I´m not a member of your list.
Hartmut Kruber

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