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Re: First time debian install

On Wed, Oct 05, 2005 at 11:58:05PM -0700, Terry Balle wrote:
> Dear debian boot;
> I have tried to install the new 3.1r0a debian on my system.  A Dell 
> Dimension 9100, Pentium 4, with one SATA drive (80GB) and an ethernet 
> controller integrated into the mother board using the Intel PRO/100 VE. 
> and Win XP.
> I purchased two DVD install disks from 010101.biz. 
> During installation the ethernet contoller is not found and "no 
> partitionable media was found"
> I plan to install a regular ethernet card in one of the PCI slots to get 
> the ethernet recognized.
> I searched Dell support and they mentioned changing the bios from RAID 
> Autodetect/AHCI to RAID Autodetech/ATA.  I did this and got the same 
> message that "no partitionable media was found".  I tried using the 
> regular install and the linux26 option with the same message.
> If this issue has alread been addresses could someone please point me to 
> that disussion.  I would appreciate any help.

You might need to find an install boot cd for sarge with a 2.6.11 or
2.6.12 kernel.  Those Dell systems like using the latest intel chips and
often on weird configurations that they should probably never have been

An installer with 2.6.12 should support AHCI mode.  2.6.8 and 2.4
kernels do not, and probably do not even have a clue what an ICH6 or 7
would be.

As long as you have a boot cd with a newer kernel, you can install
packages from the DVD just fine afterwards.

It is perfectly normal when using a newish Dell system.

Len Sorensen

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