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First time debian install

Dear debian boot;
I have tried to install the new 3.1r0a debian on my system. A Dell Dimension 9100, Pentium 4, with one SATA drive (80GB) and an ethernet controller integrated into the mother board using the Intel PRO/100 VE. and Win XP. I purchased two DVD install disks from 010101.biz. During installation the ethernet contoller is not found and "no partitionable media was found"

I plan to install a regular ethernet card in one of the PCI slots to get the ethernet recognized.

I searched Dell support and they mentioned changing the bios from RAID Autodetect/AHCI to RAID Autodetech/ATA. I did this and got the same message that "no partitionable media was found". I tried using the regular install and the linux26 option with the same message.

If this issue has alread been addresses could someone please point me to that disussion. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

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