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Re: Re: libgtk+2.0-directfb question

Hi Alastair,

> Yes, I will build a -dev .deb into the next release of the package, which
> I expect will be tomorrow (I'm collapsing with sleep now due to a
> 5 month old baby).

That'll be very usefull, thanx.

> Davide, Attilio, do you have pointers to how you built the working
> gtk-libdirectfb libs? I'll compare those with my builds and see whats
> different.

The working libraries were produced by Attilio; I suppose he's used the script on the wiki page at:

The options used to compile the libraries are different from those you use (the script was written just to show how a way to 
compile, without paying attention to other things).
Could it be that linking gtk.so against a library built with some options and the used on a system where runtime libraries 
Were created with other option is the cause of the breakage?

Anyway, if you're about to upload the .deb I guess all these problems will disappear :)


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