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Bug#331523: Several links in the manual are no longer available

Package: debian-installer-manual
Version: 20051003

From private mail sent by Holger Wansing.

hardware/supported/s390.xml: line 13
"or at the <ulink
umentation-2.4.shtml">technical details web page</ulink> at <ulink
        looks as if the ibm sites were reorganized.
        the links result in the same, they get redirected to the same
        overview site.

preparing/needed-info.xml: line 85
boot-installer/s390.xml: line 26 
partitioning/partition-programs.xml: line 103
        similar as previous

preparing/nondeb-part/m68k.xml: line 122
        Add URL for MKlinux FTP-Server?
(maybe ftp://ftp.mklinux.org/pub/mklinux-pre-R1/ppc/MacOS_Utilities/ ?)

install-methods/floppy/m68k.xml: line 8
link to the rawwrite.ttp program is dead 404

boot-installer/m68k.xml: line 235
link to the penguin19.hfs image is dead 404

install-methods/floppy/powerpc.xml: line 11 und 41
the links to the MakeDebianFloppy.sit applescript and
creator changer tool are dead 404

partitioning/partition/ia64.xml: line 26
link for parted is dead 404

install-methods/download/arm.xml: line 10 and 23 and 33
links for dinstall.zip and netwinder TFTP image and CATS 
TFTPboot image are dead 404

boot-installer/arm.xml: line 21
link to the nettrom firmware files is dead
(possible alternative:
http://netwinder.osuosl.org/pub/netwinder/firmware/ ?)

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