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Bug#327512: debian testing

> Comments/Problems: Booting from CD (Disc1) worked well.
> Installing kernel 2.6 stopped during the installing process killing the
> system. I tried few times and could not get any errormessages. PC dead.

I assume this was 2.6.12? That is not good as 2.6.12/13 will probably the 
next stable kernel. At what stage of the installation did it fail 
We may be able to get needed info from the system if you're willing to 
spend some time on it.

> Installing kernel 2.4 run easy and fine.


> The installation finished in text-mode. I had to run `dpkg-reconfigure  
> xserver-xorg`, no problem.  I will be happy to send you any helpfull 
> data.

Did you make a mistake during the configuration the first time?


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