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GTK netinst cd snapshot updated

Hi guys

as i promised, i've updated the GTK ISO snapshot


( see https://debian.polito.it/downloads/gtk_last.png for a snapshot)

The GTK frontend included it's now up to date according to the last modifications committed to the SVN repository and includes some extra-SVN code to display some nice graphics; the main-menu hack was temporarily disabed as a workaround to some bugs that are awaiting to be solved. I've added also support for Hindi, Arabic and Punjabi, support for Hebrew is still to be added (ok, i admit that i was too lazy to resize the working copy of the initrd to make room for new big fonts :) Frans Pop suggested to create a dedicated, not for "production", new target to build the GTK frontend ISOs: i think this is really needed since the ISOs i've produced were just meant to show to the people the GTK frontend is really going somewhere and maybe raise some help.

Have fun in Oldenburg and remember you're supposed to work and not to party! ;)



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