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Re: Random bits about the graphical installer

Frans Pop wrote:
On Thursday 22 September 2005 10:01, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

-the use of the screen space is not optimal

This is true especially related to the main-menu hack: since the
main-menu hack already suffers of two bugs (#322460 and #322464) i'll
temporary disable it.

Would it be possible to use a separate (modal) window for the main menu that pops up when the menu is active?

not so easily, and i doubt this could improve frontend's usability: the main-menu hack needs still a lot of work before it can be really used, but i think that model windows should be avoided.

-the boxes should be resizable so that text always fits in them (this
is veyr true for the progress bar texts)

If the main-menu hack is disabled then the progressbar will be wider,
so that text doesn't exceeds is width

That's not really a clean solution IMO.
The non-graphical installer has the percentage inside the menu bar and the messages in multiple lines (2 by default, but can be extended) below it. IMO a similar solution would be preferable to having one single very long line inside the progress bar.

I should investigate to see if the text inside progressbar can be splitted in multiple lines; we could even swap the text inside the progressbar and the text below the progressbar, since the latter is a GtkLabel that can be splitted in multiple lines.

During the last d-i IRC chat came up the idea to create an
automated mechanism to be able to build ISOs including the GTK
frontend: ny progress on this?

I plan to work on this this weekend.




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