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Re: [Debian-in-workers] Re: GTK frontend update and maybe time for an experimental netinst cd?

(Please keep the CC list limited. People working on this should really be 
subscribed to the list. CC'ing Alastair as I'm not sure he is subscribed 

On Monday 12 September 2005 21:45, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> As i said before libgtk+2.0-directfb0-udeb is no longer available for
> i386: Alastair, since you're the package mantainer is it possible to
> create a i386 udeb? if you provide that we should (theorically) be able
> to build cdroms.

The "old" libgtk+2.0-directfb0-udeb are no longer usable and will have to 
be created from scratch; the fact that the old ones are still around for 
amd64 is an error. 
See this thread [1] for an earlier discussion on the subject. Alastair is 
currently not involved in this. AFAIK Davide is keeping tabs on 
upstream/packaging developments for that.

> I'm no cd building expert: is there any volunteer to try building the
> cd? Some times ago  Eugeniy did a great experimental work building an X
> based graphical netinst cd.

Building CDs is quite tricky and you currently need to have a local mirror 
for that. I think we can do very well with building an image based on the 
current mini.iso build system for now by just creating a new target and 
including everything needed for gtk.
I'll see what I can do for that based on Eugeniy's work.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2005/08/msg00081.html

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