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Re: [Debian-in-workers] Re: GTK frontend update and maybe time for an experimental netinst cd?

> i've noticed that in Anaconda, every time i change the installation 
> languge, cdrom is accessed and some more megs of memory occupied: this 
> because the new font is loaded from cd while other ones are kept in memory.
> I think that we should retrive font packages from cdrom only for the 
> used language while removing the unneded ones: do we already a 
> technology that is capable of doing this task?

Well, actually, because localechooser displays languge names not only
in English but also in the various languages, we actually need all
fonts for it. Well, if that happens to be a problem, we can revert
this back but such feature is here since woody installer, so, it would
be a serious step back.

We have the technology for loading udebs. At the moment we want to do
this (after the language choice), these udebs have to be on the initrd
image, so that's a big constraint.

We don't have the technology for unloading udebs, IIRC (at least, I've
never seen it used).

I think that the right direction could be the use of a "general" font,
made by collecting together the various fonts we have. This would
probably be a big font, but probably easier to maintain. Afterall,
this is what we do actually with bterm-unifont.

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