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GTK frontend update and maybe time for an experimental netinst cd?

Hi everybody

I've been working a little on the frontend to make it less hacky and more configurable by the user. I've moved inside gtk_initialize() the setup of the string used to identify the main-menu; i've also added a control variable in the frontend_data structure (bool main_menu_enabled) that is setted up inside gtk_initialize() and is used to choose if the main-menu hack activate or not. I think the main-menu hack is a good thing, but sometimes it's useful disabling it: this is especially true if the frontend is displayed in low resolution (e.g 640x480) where pixels are precious and cannot be wasted. This is the first step to de-hardcode those control fields: some times ago joey hess told me that they could be placed inside cdebconf.conf and i think i'll try to place them there as soon as i understand how to access that file (hints?) Many other modifications were made: gtk_handler_select() and gtk_handler_select_single() were melted in a unique gtkhandler_main_menu() that has now two additional input parameters. Many variables and functions were renamed to be more meaningful and some no longer needed control fields inside the frontend_data structure were removed. I've tested the frontend with both enable_main_menu=TRUE and enable_main_menu=FALSE (with both X and DFB backends) and it doesn't seem to crash. I was also looking to a way to solve Bug#322460 (wich is temporarily provided with a workaround): an optimal solution would be reading from inside gtk_initialize() the appropriate question and obtaining a valid pointer to a question struct to be later used as pointer to the cached question: any idea on how to do this (cdebconf functions to use, problems that may arise)?




Mike Emmel said he should start working again on the gdk dfb library by the second half of september, meanwhile the gtk frontend, after the many bugfixes, seems to work happily again with the old 2.0.9-5 gtkdfb libs that are already available as udebs. Since it will take months before gtk 2.8 is fully ported on dfb we could start to produce some experimental netinst cd based on the existing packages like the one Eugeniy produced some times ago, but this time DFB-based. Basing on http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2005/08/msg00085.html etc. and knowing that cairo, libic, libpixman and slim are not needed in gtk 2.0.x the needed udebs should be:

DirectFB:      libdirectfb-0.9-22-udeb
GTK+GDKDFB:    libgtk+2.0-directfb0-udeb
GLib:          libglib2.0-udeb
Pango:         libpango1.0-udeb
ATK:           libatk1.0-udeb
LibPNG:        libpng12-0-udeb
Mouse support: mouse-modules-2.4.27-2-386-di
Mouse support: mouse-modules-2.6.12-1-386-di
Fonts:         ttf-freefont-udeb
LibFreeType:   libfreetype6-udeb

(if we want to display png logos inside the frontend we'll need libgdkpixbuf too)

is there any volunteer for producing the netinst cd? (Eugeniy?)


by the way, for people who wants to experiment, the DFB testcase now includes international fonts

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