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How to provide drivers to the installation

Hi there,

we are currently facing a driver problem that is hitting us in *every*
Distribution, but here of course I want some hints and advice for the
Debian distribution. 

The problem is that we launched a new PC with AMD processor and SiS
chipset. That chipset comes with the brand new SiS 965 southbridge and
that has a new SATA controller with the device ID 0x182. Unfortunately
this device is so far not covered by the sata_sis driver, but we're 
in contact with the module maintainer to get a patch for that module

The impact of the problem is that as long as this device is not
supported in the kernel the user can't install because the installation
will complain about missing hard disks. Switching to compatible mode
in the BIOS is also no solution because then we will lose the optical
PATA drives and of course compatible mode will lack of DMA support
and be awfully slow.  :-(

So now the question is how can I provide an updated sata_sis.ko to the
installation process. Other distributions offer the use of a driver
disk and we already were successful with an experimental patch on 
Fedora. But what is Debian offering here? I didn't see any issue about
driver disks. Is it possible to switch to another console during 
installation and then do a rmmod sata_sis and insmod from a floppy? 
Or do we need to master new installation DVDs that take care of the

And of course the other question: How do we get the patch backported
to the current kernel images. Wouldn't be nice if a user does an 
apt-get install kernel-image... and then loses his hard disk access. ;-)

Best regards
Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Rainer Koenig
Project Manager Linux
Business Clients
Fujitsu Siemens Computers 
Phone: +49-821-804-3321
Fax:   +49-821-804-2131

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